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Construction Innovation Expo 2019

2019創新博覽會 於香港會議展覽中心舉行, 日期為2019年12月17至20日展覽期 香港專業吊運聯會於展覽場地 C1-501

2021 16th Anniversary Celebration

Hong Kong Professional Hoisting Engineering Association16th Anniversary Celebration 奏國歌 奏國歌 林志宏主席 致歡迎辭 香港綠色建築議會主席 張孝威先生SBS 致辭 十六周年會慶 台上祝酒 中樂表演節目 中樂表演節目 中樂表演節目 中樂表演節目 中樂表演節目

Hong Kong Professional Hoisting Engineering Association

We are formed by an union of Hoisting & Rigging’s Companies operated in Hong Kong.  We have monthly meeting to operation our HKPHEA Association. We are growing prospectively, which demands very much our friends and members’ support & enthusiam participation.  Now, we open to recruit new members to join. Please contact our secretary immediately.